mardi 3 septembre 2013

Buy Car Auto Parts Online & Avail Attractive Discounts

Car is a modern day necessity which no man can neglect. With the help of cars, we are able to travel easily, reach a place in no time and most important of all, travel in comfort and style. But it is a known fact that cars are prone to undergo wear and tear with the passage of time. Seasonal wear and tear or accidents can be the reasons for the major damages which a car might experience. In such a condition, one cannot change their car as a whole. Usually, when minor damage occurs, people change the required parts from a local auto shop or a car dealer in the neighborhood. But it is not possible to get some parts of cars from the local auto shop. In such cases, the car owners these days prefer to buy cars auto parts online. Hence the coming of the World Wide Web has made things easy for both the car owners as well as automobile companies.

An online auto car parts warehouse can provide customers with almost any part of the car they want immediately. Moreover, most companies deliver car parts with a free shipping charge, to attract a lot of customers to their side. Hearing of the word ‘Online shop’, you will have the doubt that products ordered will take its own time to reach the customer. But this is not true these days. Today, most of the online car ware stores provide customers with products which reach them in no time. Delivery on time has actually attracted a lot of people to choose from auto car parts warehouse online these days.

Another benefit of the online car parts stores is that they are able to deliver top quality auto parts at an attractive discount rate which no retail shop offers their customers. Branded quality products are offered to customers at a price which is much cheaper than the usual rates.

So buying car parts online can be of great benefit to the customers. Auto car parts discount online has been a boon to many who are in search of quality products at a low rate.

Customers can use online site aggregators to compare the prices of the auto parts in different sites and then choose the cheapest rate. Thus online site aggregators help a person in receiving the best price online on any car part. But before buying the products make sure you check the reviews to see whether it is a genuine site. Try to buy products from an authorized auto dealer to avoid cheating.

lundi 2 septembre 2013

How to Choose a Good Electric Fuel Pump for Your Car?

An electric fuel pump is small, but critical component in a vehicle’s fuel delivery system. Its main function is to create enough pressure that pushes the gasoline from the fuel tank to the engine. Proper functioning of a fuel pump is highly essential to ensure efficient fuel supply to the engine. Thus, choosing a good electric fuel pump that suits your vehicle’s fuel delivery system is important for optimal performance of the engine.

This article discusses about the various aspects you need to look into before purchasing an electric fuel pump.

Things to consider while choosing an electric fuel pump

Make and model of your car engine – Get ready with the details like the size of the engine, the year of manufacture and the model of your vehicle. These are the basic details you need to know before purchasing a fuel pump.

Horse power of your engine – Horse power of the engine is one crucial determinant that helps you find the right kind of fuel pump for your vehicle. Installing a low pressure pump to a high power engine is equally dangerous to installing a high pressure pump to a less power engine. Both will, more or less, affect the engine leading to sub-optimal performance. Therefore, make sure the engine power and the pressure of the fuel pump are in sync.

Type of fuel pump – There are two types of fuel pumps – high volume low pressure pumps (HVLP) and high volume high pressure pumps (HVHP). While the HVLP pumps offer a decent fuel volume and flow even under low pressure conditions, the HVHP pumps operate at very high pressure and offer same volume as a HVLP pump.

Prefer a HVLP pump if you want the fuel pump to push fuel to another auxiliary fuel tank or a surge tank i.e., when you want the pump to work under low pressures.

A HVHP fuel pump is more suitable for high power engines which require high volume of fuel flow under high pressures.

Flow of the fuel pump – The flow of the fuel pump can be rated using two units – the volume of fuel it flows and pressure with which it flows at that volume. Both should be high in order to get an optimal flow volume. For instance, a fuel pump that flows 250 liters per hour (LPH) at 40 psi offers less flow volume compared to a pump that flows 250 LPH at 50 psi.

Pressure of the vehicle’s fuel system – The pressure of the fuel delivery system and the flow volume of the fuel pump are inversely proportional to each other. That is if the pressure of the system increases, the flow volume of the pump decreases. So, know the maximum pressure of your vehicle's fuel delivery system to get a fuel pump whose flow volume matches its pressure.

Voltage required by the fuel pump – Fuel pump should have sufficient voltage to create pressure to deliver required amounts of fuel to the engine. Based on your engine load, determine the voltage required by the fuel pump and the volume of pump's flow at that voltage. Remember, the higher the voltage, the higher will be the volume. Also, make sure that the pump voltage matches with the pressure of the fuel delivery system.

Choose OEM products instead of after-market ones – The market is literally flooded with a huge variety of automobile spare parts. The variety not only confuses you but also increases the likelihood of choosing a wrong part. As fuel pump is considered as the heart of the vehicle, it is better to go for OEM products instead of after-market fuel pumps. Though OEMs are little expensive and their availability is limited, you should opt for OEM products for better and long lasting performance of your engine.

Go for a reliable brand – Choosing a fuel pump from a trusted brand is also an important factor to consider. Brands with good repute often provide superior quality products and also offer products with warranty. This not only helps you to get good a fuel pump but also avoids loss of money, in case the fuel pump malfunctions in the warranty period.

These are major things you need to look into before purchasing an electric fuel pump. If all these things are taken care of, you can get a good fuel pump that improves your engine's performance.

Commercial Drivers vs. Other Drivers

Driving a commercial vehicle is completely different from driving a passenger vehicle. Commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, semi trucks, or vans, are very difficult to operate, first and foremost because they are pretty large, and much more powerful than cars, and you need to be particularly careful when turning, braking, accelerating, driving uphill and downhill, and parking. That's why commercial drivers are usually more skilled than other drivers, and know more about driving than others.

Aside from these specific driving skills that commercial drivers must have to be able to operate a commercial vehicle safely, they also have to know more about traffic in general.

Since truck drivers, and other commercial drivers, spend a lot of time on the road, they have a vast amount of experience in dealing with various traffic situations and drivers with bad driving habits. They are aware of all the potential dangerous situations that can happen on the road, so they tend to be more focused while driving and pay more attention to safe driving practices, such as signaling before making a turn or changing lanes, turning headlights on when driving in bad weather, stopping for red lights, obeying road signs and speed limits, leaving enough space between them and the vehicle ahead, and other good driving habits that all drivers should have.

Commercial drivers are also more prepared than others when it comes to vehicle maintenance and fixing various defects.

Since they mostly drive alone, they have to learn how to deal with all sorts of defects, such as brake malfunctions and tire defects, which happen quite often.

Commercial drivers have to be familiar with all the traffic laws to pass the CDL test. A good way to prepare for a CDL test is taking a practice test.

Fuel economy is another aspect of driving that commercial drivers are well-aware of. They must pay attention to fuel consumption, as fuel expenses are a huge part of operating costs of each company in the commercial driving industry. That's why they have to do everything they can to reduce fuel consumption, which in turn brings down operating costs. If commercial drivers manage do bring down fuel costs, their companies will be more profitable, which will inevitably lead to a pay raise. There are various factors that affect fuel consumption. Commercial drivers have to know how old their vehicles are, their specifications, what condition they are in, what type of load they carry and how much it weighs, which driving techniques improve fuel efficiency, and they must pay attention to traffic and weather conditions.

dimanche 1 septembre 2013

Automotive Marketing Research – Importance and Benefits

Automotive industries conduct automotive marketing research to measure consumer behavior and thus understand whether a service or a product creates a sufficient demand in the market. Marketing search is considered as an effective tool in understanding the new marketing trends, likes and dislikes of the customers and the efficiency of the competitors. By conducting a well designed marketing study, manufacturers can reduce the uncertainty and risk associated with the launching of a new product.

Automotive marketing research is necessary in the following situations.

When you lack adequate information to formulate and design marketing strategyWhen you are stuck with more options and confused with what to chooseWhen there is conflicts within the organization regarding the policy, marketing strategy and objectivesWhen you detect or forecast any problem like declination of market shareWhen you find a marketing program efficient and effective and you want to know how and whyWhen you are behind a new project; introducing a new product, launching a product in to a new market segment, revising the price and so on.

Following are some situations when automotive marketing research is not helpful.

When time is a constraint; when you work under strict time scheduleWhen you clearly know what you want know without conducting a researchWhen the detailed information about your research problem already exist in the data base of your organizationWhen the expense of conducting research exceeds its valueWhen the budget is insufficient to effectively carry out the researchWhen you feel that the research findings would not largely help in your newly launched productWhen the problem is unclear to define and the objectives are undistinguishable

Presently, it is not mandatory for the marketers or the manufacturers to conduct automobile marketing research by themselves.

Conducting marketing research is now easier and efficient by utilizing the service of reputed marketing research companies. These companies understand the research problem from the clients, design appropriate marketing research methodology and then conduct the research on behalf of their clients. By conducting car clinics, auto show research, drive studies, online research and mail and phone studies, these marketing research companies collect useful information from the selected samples.

Most of the reputed and experienced automotive marketing research companies conduct the marketing research through the following steps.

Understand the research objectives and information needsDetermine the appropriate research designDevelop the date collection processDetermine and design the samplingCollect dataProcessing the dataPreparation of the research reportSubmitting the final report to the client

In this highly competitive global economy, automobile industries need to exploit the opportunities and avoid all the mistakes that are likely to appear while launching a new product in order to survive and be profitable. Hence, it is imperative to conduct automotive marketing research to collect current, reliable and useful information to make effective marketing strategies and decisions.

Auto Repair Services – Some Crucial Facts to Consider

If you own an automobile, you’re certainly familiar to the common issues associated with it. Whether you’re dropping your kids at their school or taking your wife to the supermarket, vehicles are an absolute necessity. A lot of us have surely noticed those unfortunate people suffering car breakdowns on the highway. With the rising number of automobiles on the road, these incidents are a common thing.

However, we can’t always blame our luck and sit idle, leaving everything at God’s mercy. Remember, God helps those who help themselves. So, if you want you want to keep your vehicle fit and working, take it to an auto servicing shop. However, with so many car repair shops around, it’s really difficult to choose an authentic one that meets your level of expectation. If you keep these following things in mind, you’ll certainly get an efficient repair agency for your vehicle.

Firstly, consider the expertise and experience of the mechanics who’ll be working on your auto parts. A car is nothing but an intricate machine, and it requires a technician with proper knowledge and experience to solve the complex issues related to your automobile. Inquire about the various kinds of models they generally work on and the kinds of services they normally provide. Genuine service providers may also give access to ex-client testimonials about previous assignments. That way, you’ll get an idea about the proficiency level of the auto repair agency. Finally, you can take your decision on the basis of your overall impression.

A majority of the people take their cars for granted.

It’s not until we’re placed in a difficult situation that we realize the importance of regular repair services. When something goes wrong and we’re stranded on the highway, we get surprised, tensed, puzzled and what not. It’s only then that we consider taking our automobile to a servicing center.

There are multiple set ups that function together to keep your car running on the road. When you appoint a servicing center, make sure that the mechanics have adequate knowledge of the integral motor parts. From brakes and drive shaft to air conditioning, there are so many things to take care of. If you want to keep your vehicle roadworthy, it’s important to make sure that the motor parts work at a basic level.

One more thing that you need to consider when appointing a vehicle repair service is the promptness of their services. Due to the varying nature of auto breakdowns, a lot us need instant repair services. If you find one that offers emergency services, you’re really lucky.

samedi 31 août 2013

How Women Buy Tires - An Opportunity for Tire Centres

Research has identified that women buy tires differently to men. Many females first learn of their need for tires while their car is in for a service. Doing a tire inspection and educating female customers while their car is for a service - Informing them in a timely manner when they will need new tires can often lead to a sales. Women rely on trusted service professionals to make tire recommendations.

30% of women use research to gather tire information and consider retailer options before making a buying decision. Women use the Internet to look at tire options, visiting websites, tire manufacturer's website, reading third-party online reviews, related blogs and comparing coupons.

They also asked family and friends for recommendations. This is where a dealer's prior customer service efforts can pay off. Good recommendations from trusted others will go a long way to advising a woman on what tires to buy.

70% of females either buy tires right when they are informed that they need them, or defer the purchase all together, taking the time to build a trusted relationship with women customers will help keep them as loyal customers.

When choosing a tire dealer, women are very straight-forward in their response. They want to deal with friendly, skilled, knowledgeable and trustworthy personnel that deliver the promises in a quick manner.

Women are very loyal and are a high percentage of repeat customers. 63% reported making multiple tire purchases from the same location, while, 37% were either making their very first tire purchase or had recently switched loyalties to another store.

74% of women feel misunderstood by the automotive industry.

Developing relationships and marketing to women in your local community before they need tires, should be an important part of tire dealers business. This will impact their choice for the next tire purchase.

Women tire buyers are also looking for convenience, and expect to find tires at a location they have heard of. This means that dealers need to do a better job advertising to female customers. They have to make an effort to be noticed as the go-to place for all tire and service needs.

Positioning your tire store with women who are civic-minded can increase market share - support your local Chamber of Commerce, women's civic organizations and local schools. One-stop shopping for all auto needs makes it very convenient for women who are often mulch-tasking, juggling careers, kids and community obligations.

Surprisingly almost half of all female customers said they were undecided when asked which particular retailer they would purchase their next tires from. This could only mean the retailer hadn't made a connection to creating a reason to go back.

Another interesting discovery was that 10% more women carried more loyalty cards than men. Rewarding loyalty with a customer rewards program can ensure she does not go elsewhere for her next tire purchase. Coupon programs and marketing initiatives that resonate with women are also important.

When woman were asked what helped them make their final tire buying decision, the overwhelming answer was Price, Price and Price. Attention needs to be placed around the importance of safety when choosing tires targeting women with families.  Female buyers with families think safety is more important, while brand and convenience might resonate more strongly with single women. 

The Debate Surrounding Diesel Particulate Filters

There have been enormous technological advances ever since the industrial revolution and these have affected and influenced almost every aspect of society. The transport sector in particular has seen enormous changes over the years, and technological progress with regard to motor vehicles in particular has had major impacts. In today's world, whilst concepts such as 'value' matter immensely to consumers, the real keystones are emissions and economy.

This has had some dramatic effects and the whole pattern of vehicle usage has changed quite dramatically. One of the major areas in this regard is diesel engines. Once the preserve of heavy goods vehicles and big coaches, the diesel engine has found a place in normal passenger cars due to its combination of fuel economy, potential performance, and reliability. The proportion of diesel-powered cars on the roads throughout Europe in particular has grown beyond anyone's expectations over the last twenty or thirty years and diesel vehicles now account for some 30 per cent of sales.

The diesel engine offers many benefits, the biggest of which is its ability to produce comparatively high power outputs for relatively low fuel consumption. As a result, overall exhaust gas emissions are favourably low. However, there is one particular issue with diesel emissions, which is particulates. Diesel fuel tends to burn incompletely and produce carbon in relatively large quantities. This is discharged in the engine exhaust system in the form of soot particles, which are not only unpleasant but are known to have potential health issues.

Laws passed in various countries worldwide are aimed at reducing emissions from vehicles, and one aspect of these is to target particulates.

Accordingly, manufacturers have looked into various methods and most have added a Diesel Particulate Filter (or DPF) to car and truck exhaust systems. Put simply, a DPF is a basic mechanical filter that merely removes soot particles from the exhaust gas.Of course, there are downsides to this. The main issue is that the filter becomes loaded with carbon particles relatively quickly and unless there is a method of cleaning the filter, it soon becomes blocked to the extent of causing engine damage and massively affecting performance. For passenger vehicles, the method of 'regeneration' involves driving the vehicle at comparatively high speed for a period of time, which results in the filter becoming hot enough to burn off the accumulated deposits.

Anyone 'thinking outside the box' will quickly come to the conclusion that whilst there are obvious benefits to removing particulates from diesel exhaust gas, using a DPF has inherent disadvantages. Firstly, the use of a filter on its own reduces efficiency, as it forms a barrier to exhaust flow and therefore reduces efficiency and increases fuel consumption. Secondly, and more importantly, having to run the vehicle at higher speeds to burn off the deposited carbon is inherently wasteful and the end result is an increase I overall carbon dioxide emissions, which are themselves the target of worldwide reduction efforts.

The irony of the situation is that the vast majority of modern diesel engines can, with accurate electronic management systems, run at extremely high efficiency and massively reduced carbon emissions. A correctly managed diesel can easily meet the most stringent particulate emission targets without the need for a DPF at all, and with corresponding benefits to efficiency and therefore fuel consumption. So why don’t manufacturers do this? The answer lies in economies of scale. Car makers have to produce vehicles that are sold in many different countries, where the quality of fuel can differ dramatically. One management computer cannot deal with this, and the cost involved in programing individual vehicles for individual markets is significantly higher than buying DPF units in bulk. Production may also have to be diverted from one market to another depending on demand, causing even greater issues.

For the private motorist already running a diesel car, the situation is of course somewhat different. In the vast majority of cases, it is possible to simply remove the DPF unit intact. Carried out properly, regarding DPF removal can provide reduced fuel consumption and increased performance, with no downsides. However, the key word here is 'properly'. It is essential for the engine management computer to be comprehensively reprogrammed in accordance with local conditions. Anything else is a bodge that could actually do far more harm than good. However, properly undertaken, DPF removal may well be the best option for many drivers and owners.